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Second Heaven Invasion

   Introduction: What is and what will be

The information contained in this book is a crash course on the spirit realm. It is being written to bring everyone up to speed as soon as possible. From the evangelical student to the occultist and others in between, all have some knowledge of the spirit realm with reality being somewhere in the middle. The content is Biblically based involving hundreds of hours of deliverances known to the general public as exorcisms and with over a decade of research. This includes prayers against the demonic, deliverance for children and even warring against Nephilim hybrids. The original title of this book was called “Spirit Realm 101,” and it is just that. However, you’ll not just find answers pertaining to what a spirit is and the difference between demons and fallen angels. You’ll also understand how it all comes together for the end-time events that will involve all of us no matter what your views are concerning religion or politics. Time and space in relation to the spirit world are all about to be dimensionally changed! You’ll see in the near future demonized human riots, Nephilim hybrids walking, demons manifesting in the physical, and UFO warfare all around the world including the US. All initiated by the Illuminati in cooperation with fallen angels and even Satan himself. The more you know and understand these mind-altering events, the better off you’ll be to comprehend and deal with the complete and total breach of the heavens. This breach is not only being demonically orchestrated. It also has the assistance of man himself using ancient technologies of the fallen angels to initiate it. The Illuminati is the main human driving force behind this agenda to bring the two worlds together with Satan coordinating both sides.

   These forces that have been working behind the scenes for centuries in all parts of the world, are now openly declaring their right to control, eliminate and alter the populations of mankind for the betterment of a higher power. That higher power is the primary management of demonic entities who have no love of mankind. Satan, being the CEO of this demonic corporation, is the first recorded narcissist willing to destroy all. His personality is infectious for those who are willing to sell their souls to become one of his disciples. This planned union between man and demons cannot be ignored any longer by those of us who are not so easily swayed to accept evil as the basis of who we are, or as an alternative lifestyle.

   To continue ignoring what is unfolding right before all of us, is exactly what the dark side wants us to do! This way, when the final events come to full term and are upon us, even the Bible-believing Christians will be caught off guard! Christians have been taught by the church to stand down and not engage the enemy or speak against evil in the last days. This includes the deception of the occultist thinking the last days will bring world enlightenment making this planet and the universe a better place for all of us. This also includes visitation of aliens from another world! In truth, this misinformation is a doctrine of demons to fool even the elite, either Christians or non-Christians, and including Muslims and Catholics.

   The world is not going to end! In fact, there is hope and deliverance through prayer and obedience to God. However, it is going to end as we know it. Meaning, your life will soon never be the same and those things you held dear to you, including material things, will be taken away and never seen again. Some think I’m calling for the sky to fall. Truthfully, those who say this really are fearful inside themselves declaring these things to come as being absolutely ridiculous, or nothing more than insanity with no real basis or possibility. In reality, these things that are coming cause an emotional overload within their souls--and denial is a way out. I understand this completely since it defies our physical reality! I myself bought into this as being incomprehensible until 2001, when my Christian life changed completely, and I have never looked back since. First hand, I have witnessed evil manifesting right before my eyes over and over again, destroying everything I held on to as fact, with things that defied the impossible becoming a daily occurrence.

   Coming from an engineering background for most of my career which involved advanced technologies and all aspects of the sciences, I could not relate in real-time what was going on because of my cognitive thinking and inability to comprehend the paranormal. My belief system at the time was based on the visual. If I could not see it, then it did not exist.  After time and extreme exposure to the paranormal, I needed to completely understand this strange phenomenon known as the spirit world. I tried to explain the paranormal at first as nothing more than a magician’s smoke and mirrors. I soon realized what I was experiencing was all supernatural manifesting in the physical. This manifesting was coming from the second heavens--the spirit realm with demonic entities coming and going through swinging doors known as stargates or portals. These open doors happen because sin breaches the separation between the two worlds, giving legal right to the demonic to enter into our lives.

   My understanding and comprehension has now taken a drastic shift, combining the two worlds of the physical and the spiritual together. I have studied, documented and instructed this phenomenon for over a decade with others who were also seeking truth. All my knowledge and experience is now available as a field manual of the spirit realm for others to learn and use. The main focus of this book is how to stand against the wiles of the enemy through the blood of the Lamb, with God given knowledge and power for all of us. After you read this book, you’ll never see the world the same way again. You’ll become aware of what is really going on out there with today’s events. More importantly, you’ll be prepared to deal with these events that are coming at us at lightning speed! I am not a fatalist, however, there is going to be tribulation on the earth that has never been seen before. Scripture warns us of these events and they are now becoming fact! Though it will be a scary time, it will also be a time of divine intervention and great miracles. God will provide deliverance for those who are in Christ Jesus.

   In this book, you’ll learn how to take authority over the demonic, and break curses with casting out of demons--setting you and your family free. This includes fighting the physical against hybrids known as Nephilim, gray’s or supper soldiers while fighting in the spirit together. The times before us will require all of us to be prepared for the army of the open pit who will not take any prisoners when they are released. Unless you have the seal of God on your forehead and your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, it will not end well for you. This is not a conspiracy theory with man and the demonic, in cooperation with each other, causing the coming destruction. It is a conspiracy reality and the end-times are no time for the unprepared to be in. Do your homework as you read each chapter. Research each subject and try and take in each bit of new knowledge that I convey with personal experience coming from the deliverance ministry.

    As always, with any new information, take it before the Lord for confirmation!

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The Second Heaven Invasion

Stop, learn, counter and destroy demonic opposition!

Authored by Scott E. Hensler

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